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Sing With Ellie Background

Nurseries and schools

I love sharing my passion for music with children. Showing them the joy that music can bring is very important. I believe that music has truly healing effects on every soul.
All my music sessions have one thing in common: the music is always live. I aim to introduce children to music in a simple and friendly way, yet I like to challenge them. How else are we to find the next Beethoven, Mozart or perhaps even Jimi Hendrix?
I strive to bring fun packed musical sessions, leaving children happy, with a new tune stuck in their little (Big!) mind and excited about the next class!

  • Live guitar and singing
  • Ellie’s original songs and poems as well as traditional nursery rhymes
  • Variery of percussion instruments and props
  • Puppets as characters leading children through each session
  • Aiming for relaxed atmosphere that helps children learn while having fun
  • Encouradging children to express themselves without fear
  • Covering a wide range of topics (cooperating with nurseries and following their monthly topics if required)
  • Hoping to inspire children and helping them discover the magic of music as their future passion, hobby or perhaps even their career


*introducing babies to the sounds of the guitar and a variety of percussion instruments such as djembe, xylophone, triangle and many others
*allowing natural exploration of different sounds
*gentle and friendly, yet stimulating approach
*showing the basics of rhythm patterns through fun rhythm games and through songs
*going beyond traditional nursery rhyme, playing original songs (Because they can 'absorb' much more than we often think!)
*helping with first words
*cuddly puppets helping to create a relaxed atmosphere

1 year to 2 year olds

*supporting toddlers in their own musical exploration
*helping them gain confidence and allowing them to express their musical ideas and feelings freely
*building vocabulary and exploring the musical aspects of language
*encouraging both walkers and 'not yet walkers' to show off their dance moves
*learning new original songs
*introducing a wide range of musical instruments and props

2 year to 4 year olds

*more physical activities, focusing on co-ordination of movement with music
*encouraging children to sing without fear
*noticing the feelings that different styles of music can create
*observing that we all feel and hear music differently
*aiming to prolong their ability to focus
*playing Ellie’s original songs together with traditional nursery rhymes and songs of a popular genre
*using a wide range of musical instruments and props


30 minute sessions (babies and younger toddlers) - £25

40 minute sessions (older toddlers/pre-school) - £35


Fees when charged individually per child

30 minute session - £4.50

40 minute session - £5.50

Book a free taster session :-)

The sessions are designed in conjunction with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.

Nurseries are required to provide a suitable space for the lessons and accompanying adult(s) who are happy to participate and encourage the children during the sessions.




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